12 Labors of Hercules Final Mintages

Hercules successfully finished all 12 of his labors while under the rule of King Eurystheus. The labors, which were believed to be impossible for the Greek hero, were accomplished by Hercules as he looked for to retrieve himself from Heras cursethat ruined his household. All 12 labors, each more hard than the next, were honored on 1 oz silver as well as copper rounds from Provident Metals in the 12 Labors of Hercules series.TheHercules series was offered for one year, with each 1 oz Labor round being made offered for one-month durations. The bullion variation of the 5 oz Hercules copper and also silver rounds were offered throughSept. 12, 2015. Throughout the collection, we published the final mintages of each Labor round for collectorsto keep document. The only remaining mintages to be tallied were the 1 oz Cerberus and5 oz bullion Hercules silver and copper rounds, which could be located below: Cerberus Silver: 9,149(second greatest in the collection)Cerberus Copper: 10,664 (greatest in the series)Hercules 5 oz Silver: 5,407 Hercules 5 oz Copper: 3,163 While the BU versions of the Hercules series have been stopped,

the separately numberedProof 1 oz Hercules as well as Proof 5

oz Hercules, full withCertificate of Authenticity, are STILL AVAILABLE in limited quantity greater than 60 percent of the rounds total mintages have been offered. The personalized, full-color Show Box additionally remains offered for those intending to display their collection.The Labor rounds were launched each month throughout the duration of the Hercules collection as they were listed in the Biblioteca. Each launch and their mintages are

listed below: Nemean LionSept. 12 Oct. 12, 2014 (Terminated) Mintage Numbers: Copper 5,294; Silver 6,756 Lernaean HydraOct. 12 Nov. 12, 2014 (Stopped)Mintage Numbers:

nemean_lion_1_oz_silver_round_-_12_labors_of_herculesCopper 7,190; Silver 9,623 Ceryneian HindNov. 12 Dec.

12, 2014 (Ceased)Mintage Numbers: Copper 5,766; Silver 7,433 Erymanthian Boar Dec. 12 Jan. 12, 2015(Terminated)Mintage Numbers: Copper 6,028; Silver 8,234 Augean Stables Jan. 12 Feb. 12, 2015(Stopped)Mintage Numbers: Copper 6,707; Silver 6,399 Stymphalian Birds Feb. 12 March 12, 2015 (Ceased)

Mintage Numbers: Copper 5,128; Silver 6,701

ceryneian-hind-silver-roundCretan Bull March 12 April 12, 2015 (Ceased)

Mintage Numbers: Copper 5,351; Silver 6,871

12_labors_jpegs-04Mares of Diomedes April 12 May 12, 2015 (Discontinued)

Mintage Numbers: Copper 5,020; Silver 6,547

Girdle of Hippolyta May 12 June 12, 2015(Terminated)Mintage Numbers: Copper 5,741; Silver 7,052 Cattle of Geryon June 12 July 12, 2015(Ceased)Mintage Numbers: Copper 5,871; Silver 6,561 Apples of Hesperides July 12 August 12, 2015(Stopped)Mintage Numbers: Copper 5,893; Silver 7,561

Cerberus Aug. 12 Sept. 12stymphalian_birds_silver_round, 2015 (Stopped)

Mintage Numbers: Copper 10,664; Silver 9,149

cretan_bull_silver_round5 oz Silver Hercules Sept. 12, 2014 Sept. 12, 2015(Discontinued) Mintage Numbers: 5,407 5 oz CopperHercules

mares_of_diomedes_silver_roundSept. 12, 2014 Sept. 12, 2015 (Ceased)

Mintage Numbers: 3,163 Tell us exactly what you think of the 12 Labors of Hercules series!Leave us a comment below, or join in the conversation onFacebook, TwitterandGoogle+http://www.blog.providentmetals.com/facts-and-history/12-labors-of-hercules-final-mintages.htm

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