Australian Houses Priced in Gold / Silver Ounces (2015)

Every 12 months I have been upgrading the data I continue Australian property prices determined in ounces of Gold as well as Silver. Here is the most up to date upgrade which takes us through to July 2015 (inclusive). Information for property costs is by means of Residex (mean property consumer price index). Information for Gold as well as Silver prices is by means of Perth Mint (bid typical AUD). I have included Perth and Adelaide house price records to the mix this year, yet note the time framework is different to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne (because of constraints on readily available Residex data).

Adelaide (Ounces to get a residence)

Housing Peak Against Gold (February 2005): 501oz GoldLatest Numbers (July 2015): 282oz Gold, 21,439 oz Silver

Based on Present Area Price: 271oz Gold, 21,375 oz Silver

Brisbane (Ounces to buy a residence)

Priceless Metals Top (January 1980): 62oz Gold, 1091oz Silver

Real estate Optimal Versus Gold (February 2004): 600oz GoldLatest Numbers (July 2015): 321oz Gold, 24,448 oz Silver

Based upon Existing Area Rate: 309oz Gold, 24,375 oz Silver

Melbourne (Ounces to buy a home)

Valuable Metals Peak (January 1980): 67oz Gold, 1181oz Silver

Housing Peak Against Gold (February 2004): 661oz GoldLatest Figures (July 2015): 450oz Gold, 34,253 oz Silver

Based upon Present Area Rate: 432oz Gold, 34,150 oz Silver

Perth (Ounces to acquire a house)

Housing Optimal Against Gold (July 2007): 642oz Gold

Newest Figures (July 2015): 342oz Gold, 26,078 oz Silver

Based on Existing Spot Rate: 329oz Gold, 26,000 oz Silver

Sydney (Ounces to get a house)

Valuable Metals Optimal (January 1980): 103oz Gold, 1811oz Silver

Housing Peak Against Gold (February 2004): 1100oz Gold

Most current Figures (July 2015): 670oz Gold, 51,028 oz Silver

Based upon Current Area Price: 644oz Gold, 50,875 oz Silver

(Spot Cost ratio computed on A$ 20oz for Silver, A$ 1580oz for Gold and also July property rates)

A factor of interest, Gold has surpassed most resources because the last update, increasing from $1360 in June 2014 to $1518 in July 2015. This has caused most cities seeing the proportion fall. That is with the exception of Sydney where property rates have actually surpassed Gold as well as increased a blistering 21 % YoY to July 2015.

It's additionally intriguing just how a lot later on the top for Perth apartment (to Gold) came as property rates expanded there right into 2006/2007.

My view going forward has actually not truly altered from my upgrade in 2013: "Over the exact same duration (next 3-5 years) I anticipate rising gold and silver rates and a reduced Australian Buck, so do assume financiers stacking ounces for the ultimate purchase of a residence will certainly be rewarded (even those in Sydney). Only time will tell if I correct."

Right here are the charts (click any to enlarge).


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