Inflation is Way Beyond What is Reported

We have this constant disturbance by the powers-that-be to not let the markets operate correctly. In the bond market, its with low rate of interest. I directly think that federal governments are in the stock market. We understand the Japanese buy stocks. We know that the Swiss national bank gets stocks. We do not know for a fact that the US federal government buys stocks but there may be techniques by which they could convince people to maintain it with each other. Every single time we obtain a little adjustment, it bounces right back up again.So thats simply the setting were in. Weve invested all this money. Weve taken prices as reduced as we could obtain them as well as were simply putting up in there. Also lately we had the GDP for 2011 to 2014 changed down so that it became 2 % a year. Obviously the 2 % is a feature of the rising cost of living rate. Claim, if rising cost of living was reported as 1 % but is truly 3 %, then you had no development due to the fact that GDP is just a dollar number.My own sensation is that inflation is means beyond whats reported. If rising cost of living truly was 5 %, and you said GDP growth was 2 %, then the actual development is -3 %. So Im not a follower that there is

any kind of economic recovery thats lasting. I constantly state were aiming to get liftoff. But we do not get liftoff because we haven't finished the cleaning process yet.http://

09/21/2015 10:50:54
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